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Where every ingredient is ethically sourced, skillfully crafted & beautifully presented

A Land to Table Culinary Adventure

Regionally renowned Forager Chef ‘Ruthie Cummings’ takes you on culinary taste tours using only locally sourced ingredients, hand picked, with 30 plus years foraging experience.  Taught at a young age by family tradition, brought a ‘Back to Nature’ food philosophy.


You can either enjoy this adventure in the privacy of your home with sophisticated multiple course fine dining meals

Duck a L’Orange with Confit Potato and Shrimp Thermidor


Learn in person by signing up for one of our class field expeditions

Fire Smoked Lake Trout

Seasonal foraging events include on-site cookery and foraging instruction of naturally cultivated foods.

Mussels Sapin. White Pine covered Mussels are Fire roasted with pans of Milk weed pods(similar to okra) for an afternoon foraging fete


Black Trumpets

I’m no stranger to hard work or long days. Growing up in a mushroom family, hunting for mushrooms meant two things – Enjoyment and Food. My Mother being a German refugee and broke as a young family, we all turned to foraging to augment the household stock. Now I do it for pleasure and because …


Please email rcummings@wildfeastcatering.com for any inquiries.